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Opt in permissions post for if May can cast illusions and whatnot and have them work on you.

Feel free to say as much or as little as you'd like on how much this works, what sort of things she can get away with and so on. Or just say yes or no, that's cool too.
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May Daye

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May Daye here, or not here I guess. Leave a message and I'll get back to you

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Aug. 3rd, 2015 05:49 am
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NAME: Bast
AGE: 24
CONTACT: Plurk: [ profile] harvestgraces
Email: neverbemiracles[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: taketheautumnroad



NAME: May Daye
CANON: October Daye series
AGE: It's complicated. Less than 2 years old technically but also spent a fair bit of time as a night haunt and has Toby's memories. So, something around 50-ish but she looks about early thirties.
CANON POINT: At the beginning of Ashes Of Honor.

BACKGROUND: - The Toby Daye FAQ -The series page on the author's website
INCENTIVE/FIT: To be able to sense when Toby is about to get into danger. So essentially what she could do before her bond was broken and she was no longer Toby's fetch.

As for intimacy and whatnot, May is open and happy to give and receive affection. While she's not overly touchy, she's warm to most who approach her and very friendly. If you're the type who is more touch oriented, she's likely to respond in kind.

In regards to physical intimacy, May has no problems with it. She has a girlfriend back home who she happens to adore but she would have talked with her about where she was going and what was needed of her. Monogamy is not the default for her, and especially considering the circumstances, May would be fine getting physically intimate with people, though she leans towards women and other gendered folk rather than cis-men.

Emotional intimacy is a bit trickier. She is not a closed off or shy person, happy to get to know people ant let them in but she she is a former death omen and night haunt and all that does play a part in how she reacts to others. She'll let people get close to hr on a surface level, she'll be friends with everyone. However, she's more selective with people who she lets see her when she's not at her best.

She's not adverse to letting people get that close, she's just also not flinging her arms wide open and embracing the world either. She likes people on default and knowing she's going to be in a new place with no one she knows, she's more likely to be open to making those closer connections.
May can't decide if this is her best or worst idea. On the one hand, she's doing this for Toby, to be able to know when she's safe or when she's about to do something amazingly stupid. On the other hand, she's going away from home, from her girlfriend, from her family.

But it's not forever, she tells herself, and it's not as if she is selling her soul (ha!) to do this.

Plus it's a good cause, she's helping. Sometimes it feels like she doesn't get to help people as much as she'd care to and this? This is going to be helping more than a small section of people which is great!

Still though, she finds herself nervous as she's getting ready to leave, saying her goodbyes and promising to come back when she can. But she pushes that aside when she returns to face the recruitment officer.

She can do this. More than that, she wants to do this. So damnit, she's going to.


ANYTHING ELSE? Magic: She has the a lot of magical capabilities, from illusions to wards, to tricks of the mind. There are other things she can do as well but it is not known, as not much is known of Fetches.
Her magic happens to smell like ashes and cotton candy. She is gifted in illusions and usually invokes her magic with song lyrics.
She is also pureblood fae, which means she is not only more graceful, strong,, agile and generally physically more impressive than any human,, her magic is quite strong compared to changelings and even some other purebloods.
May is basically immortal. While she can get hurt and has an allergy to iron, she cannot actually be killed by conventional means. She heals rather quickly, though she does feel pain.


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May Daye

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